Masters of the American West Show - Autry Museum

The Autry’s Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale opens Saturday, January 31, 2015 with a full day of events.  Those events include a couple of presentations, a book signing by Z.S. Liang, and award luncheon and it all culminates in the cocktail reception and fine art sale.  The Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale features over 75 of the country's premier contemporary Western artists.  The Autry challenges them to present their very best work, and the result is an amazing exhibition of some of the finest Western and wildlife art in the country.  Stylistically and thematically diverse, their works represent the extraordinary range of subject matter that contemporary, historic, and mythic Western experiences inspire.

All the works are sold by draw with the exception of five pieces that will be auctioned off live. The live auction pieces include works by Howard Terpning, Morgan Weistling, Mian Situ, Kyle Polzin, and Z.S. Liang.  Tickets for the event are $270 for nonmembers of the Autry and $195 for members.  To view the opening day schedule, click here.  To view a list of participating artists, click here.

Ticket includes:  

  • Museum Admission
  • Exhibition Catalogue
  • Presentation by Artist Walter T. Matia
  • Chuck Wagon Luncheon and Awards Presentation
  • Panel Discussion with Art Collectors and Gallery Owners
  • Ballot Book
  • Cocktail Reception and Fine Art Sale
You can view all the works in the sale by clicking here.  Below are some terrific highlights, but I want to point out a few works I think deserve some attention.  Logan Maxwell Hagege's work continues to progress and it seems like he just keeps getting better.  He has a style all his own, which is difficult in this day and age.  I've met the model for "Turquoise Beads" and she's as stunning in real life as in Hagege's painting.  Luke Frazier's work seems to have gone to the next level.  We just don't see enough paintings like "Autumn Flush."  John Fawcett is extremely talented and his work in both watercolors and oils are as consistent in quality as you can get.  Greg Beecham's work is always dynamic and you can feel the texture of the bark in  Kyle Sims' "The Perch."  If you're going to buy a sculpture, it's hard to beat the works of Tim Shinabarger's impressionistic bronzes.  There are so many talented artists in this exhibition that it's impossible to pick a favorite, so you just have to attend and see all the incredible works for yourself.

Howard Terpning

John Fawcett

Luke Frazier

Logan Maxwell Hagege

Kyle Sims


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