George Carlson Article from Wildlife Art Journal

I had to share this terrific article about George Carlson written by Todd Wilkinson from Wildlife Art Journal.  If you've never checked out the Wildlife Art Journal, it's terrific and always has compelling articles.  George Carlson will be speaking next month at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame's Prix de West Show.  Get your tickets now, the Prix de West is one of the premier Museum shows in the country!  Here's the LINK for Todd's article about George.

Speaking of wildlife art, June 8th is the opening for the Coeur d'Alene Galleries' "Artists Gone Wild" Show.  We'll be featuring works by wildlife artists Tim Shinabarger, Chad Poppleton, David Graham, Joe Kronenberg, Cliff Rossberg, and Terry Isaac. Join us in the gallery from 5-8pm on Friday, June 8th.

Tim Shinabarger's Canyon Lands

David Graham's Pronghorn Pride

Terry Isaac's Hunter's Moon

Chad Poppleton's Prairie Oasis

Cliff Rossberg's Riverside Relaxation


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