Western Art Collectors: Coast to Coast

left to right: Ron Nicklas, Joe Kronenberg, Andy Thomas,
Brent Cotton, Ben Pease, & Buddy Le
We have just wrapped up our inaugural Collector's Rendezvouson the Clark Fork event built around education and fostering relationships in the art world.  The Collector's Rendezvous was extremely successful and involved representatives from museums, galleries, collectors, framers, conservationists, academics, and prominent artists, so the perspectives were diverse.  Despite this diversity, we all agreed that collectors seek knowledge, value, and joy in the Western art market.
A common theme that we discussed was how collectors are savvier than ever, and are paying close attention to collection factors or the components that contribute to the overall value of their art.  Collectors know which artists are trending, who is winning awards, and what major works are selling for, so whether they collect deceased artists or living artists, they have a keen eye and a better understanding of value.
Mt. Hood - 1905 by Eliza Barchus  40x60 inches; Oil
Although many collectors are going to buy what they love and have no intention of selling, they are still conscious of paying fair prices.  Personally, my business has grown because of two notable reasons.  First, I've focused on offering rare, exceptional works by historical artists at great values.  Secondly, the contemporary artists I represent aren't driving their prices up too quickly, but are letting the demand of their work dictate their prices.

Collectors are finding the most joy in works that are distinct in either style or narrative and are fairly priced.  The Collector's Rendezvous provided such a unique setting in an informal and fun environment for individuals in all aspects of the Western art world to compare notes, share a few beers and talk about our common passion for art.

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