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Scottsdale Art Auction Recap 2018

Scottsdale Art Auction posts an impressive $10.87 million sale (hammer) and a 90% sell-through rate.  It was hot in Scottsdale with unusual temperatures in the 90's for this time of year, and with active bidding coming from the floor, telephones and from the internet, the Scottsdale Art Auction was also hot!  The first session of the auction was all no-reserve, and patrons loved the idea of no reserves and not having to worry about ceiling bids to get to a reserve.  There were plenty of highlights throughout the sale, but once again, the cookies may have stole the show.  I think there may have been as much talk about the delicious cookies that the auction serves as the works of art in the sale.  I'm not going to lie, they were really delicious, and I don't think anyone ate just one.  It looks like Scottsdale Art Auction may have found something to compete with Coeur d'Alene's lamb chops.

I'm happy to eat crow, because I wasn't sure if they would hit double …

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