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Tips For Selling Art

During our “Collectors Rendezvous on the Clark Fork” we hosted a seminar to help collectors liquidate pieces in their collection or in some cases a whole collection. There are 4 main reasons collectors will choose to liquidate.  The first is downsizing or a remodel.  We are seeing a trend of collectors downsizing to a smaller home and they simply don’t have room for their collection.  The second reason to sell art is that a collector is fine tuning their collection.  Maybe some of the early work they purchased doesn’t fit with the direction they want their collection to go.  The third reason is a forced liquidation – death, divorce, or capital needs.  The fourth and final reason is that people’s taste change over the years. Here are 9 tips to help guide you through the process of selling your art.
Know Your Options - There are four main ways to liquidate artwork. They are gifting or donating, selling it yourself, ask a gallery or dealer for help, and using an auction. Tax I…

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