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A Brief Year in Review: 2016-2017

It’s snow and shorter days here in North Idaho (lots of snow).  It’s our wake-up call to put one year to bed and welcome the optimism of a new year.  One of my goals with this blog, and a staple to my approach in selling Western art is education.  I want the people I come into contact with to be as informed as I am.  With the research tools of the Internet and the transparency in today's art market, the more a collector knows, the easier my job is because I have nothing to hide.  When a collector understands how to value paintings, what collection factors are, who to keep an eye on, and trusts the people they work with, then everyone benefits.  As we welcome 2017, you will want to stay tuned for what I'm bringing to the table this year.  From essays on historical artists, updates on current events, strengths and weaknesses in the Western Art market, major auction previews and reviews, tips for managing your collection, and hopefully something enjoyable to add to your morning …

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